Saturday, December 31, 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that Zac had his 3rd seizure (since his brain surgery) yesterday. Of course I got the call from my sister yesterday afternoon while in the middle of a 4yr old having a meltdown, ham, mac n cheese, and 10 other things cooking for dinner and company and I felt like the worst sister ever for not giving her my full attention. :( From what I understand they were out and about and he wasn't 100% all day. Then on the way home he had a seizure. There didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary that happened yesterday that may have triggered it, and of course he had all his meds. It just goes to show that he may not be out of the woods yet. Most people think that he had surgery, and a magic wand solved everything. Though it was our hope that he would never have another seizure after his surgeries, yesterday was just another reminder that we need to keep Zac in our thoughts and prayers and that his journey may not be over yet. I thank you all again for your support. I'll try to keep you informed of his progress when possible. (when I can get a minute to type while the baby is asleep) I wish you all a very happy and safe New Year!

Until next time..... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eye Opener

I've been meaning to post and just haven't found the time, or haven't made the time I guess. I have had quite an eye opening experience/journey of my own over the last 2 yrs. It has become one of those full circle, "aha moment" kind of things for me. I want to be careful not to go into too much detail or focus on myself too much because the focus of this blog is Zac.
To make a long and boring story short and sweet, I have had my own little tiny medical.... "journey" or "issue" or "mystery" over the last 2 yrs.I never really considered it more than a small inconvenience until recently. I've been through the whole process of hours spent searching my symptoms, "dealing" with it, and finally seeking medical help after my husband threatened to tie me up and take me himself. So far I've been shuffled to the cardiologist, one Dr that shall remain nameless... (let's just refer to him as the "quack"), finally a good family MD, and will soon be headed to a Neurologist. What is my point in spilling all of this?? Well, a few actually. We've managed to eliminate a few things so far and my family MD seems to think that Neurology is the next logical move for me. As he's trying to be frank and lay it all on the table, while still trying to be sensitive, he throws out (in his opinion) the top three concerns/reasons he is referring me to this Neurologist. One of those is what is referred to as "absent seizures". Yep. You read it right. I've spent night after night (I don't sleep much and when I do I tend to wake up a few times throughout the night) reading about seizures and didn't spot the signs in myself?? Personally I think this one option is far fetched, but hey, I'm just little old me. What do I know? I feel that the other two things he threw out were far more likely than this. The reason I'm posting all of this is to try and get the wave of emotions accross. I'm a grown woman with three kids of my own. I've been through more than most in my short life, yet I was terrified at the thought of this Neurologist appointment. Of course I called my sister to have her "talk me down". I had a long discussion with my husband. And in the middle of all my questions, confusion, and fear, it is my 10 yr old nephew that has become my inspiration. He has been through medication after medication, seizure after seizure, ups and downs, fear and trials, and he has faced it all with the courage of a lion. The child has been hooked up to countless machines. He's been in the hospital multiple times. He's had his head cut open twice, two 10 hour surgeries.... and he has taken it all in stride. Yes, he's cried. He's gotten frustrated at times. But for the most part he has lived his life to the fullest.
So for whatever this next step in my own medical journey brings, be it an MRI, EEG, or whatever... I say bring it on! I refuse to let the questions and "what ifs" drive me crazy over the next few weeks. There are people dealing with much more.
To my silly, brave, rotten little "Zacarina" I say, thanks little man. Thank you for giving me the courage to face my own fears. Add this to the long list of good that has come out of your journey.

Christmas is coming soon. Take a minute to look past the presents to see what is valuable in your own lives. Be thankful. Remember what Christmas is.

Until next time, stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, November 4, 2011

Epilepsy Awareness Month

As I was changing my profile picture for Epilepsy Awareness Month on Facebook, I realized that I had not posted to the blog since Zac's big day! His surgery was in the middle of a new semester for me at work, and with three kids of my own, I guess I've just been busy with life.
His Intracranial EEG went great!
He has had a seizure since surgery, but I am very happy to say that tomorrow he will be 7 weeks seizure free!

This is the longest he's been since they started 4 years ago!! I've had the pleasure of Zac visiting a few times since surgery and he seems to be doing GREAT!! The hardest part is trying to tell a 10 yr old boy that he can't get on a bike, scooter, ect. But, all in all, I am amazed! I hope he will continue to improve. He had a check up with his Dr in Augusta on Monday and from what I understand it went very well. His parents went into this with the hopes of improving his quality of life. So far, so good. :)
I hope everyone will take a moment this month to learn a little about Epilepsy. November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.

Read an article, talk to someone affected by it, and help us to spread awareness. I know as a mother, that my sister has struggled with the "why my child" from time to time. I like to think that Zac was handed this so that he could bring people together and make the world a better place. And boy has he!! Thank you all for your calls, concern, and prayers! I hope he continues to improve and I will try to post more often. ;)
Until next time, spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Big Day is Here!

It's with red swollen eyes that I type this entry today. But not out of worry or fear. These tears come from pure love and joy. Zac will be having his Intracranial EEG here in about an hour. The number of people that have come together for him and have been praying for him is amazing.
How am I not scared to death for him, you ask? How am I not a worry wart? The answer is easy. I've researched, taken notes, and typed about epilepsy until midnight many times with the hopes that it would make me a better aunt, help me be able to help more, and to spread epilepsy awareness. But I, like Zac and his parents, have had to lay it all down. This is bigger than any of us and I truely believe that there is only one that can handle this. There will be no spirit of fear welcome today. Only hope, love, peace, clarity, and joy. Please join us in lifting Zac up. Thank you all for taking the time to care, help, and pray. This is the next step in Zac's journey.
I will update everyone asap. Thank you all again for everything! I know it means the world Casey, Dewayne, and Zac.
Until next time, spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, August 19, 2011

Intracranial EEG FRIDAY'S FACT

It's been a few weeks since I've posted. Zac's Intracranial EEG will be on September 1st. I thought it would be fitting to put some facts out about Intracranial EEG. I've had several people ask me about it. What is it? Why are they doing it? Ect... I hope this post will help to answer some questions. I'm not Web MD or a medical doctor. Just an aunt that at times becomes obsessive with Epilepsy research for selfish reasons.

When scalp EEG and neuroimaging scans don't provide enough information to preform epilepsy surgery, it may be necessary to preform an Intracranial EEG. It's an invasive procedure that places electodes on the surface of the brain to get an accurate reading of the brain's activity.
There are two types of Inrocracranial EEG's. One is called Intrapoerative Electrorticography. I'm not going to go into huge detail with this one b/c Z man is having the other, which is called Extraoperative Monitoring. In this Intracranial EEG the electrodes are placed in or over the brain in the areas where the epileptic focus is thought to reside. They are then left in and on the brain at the end of the operation. Recordings are made from electrodes while the person is awake and alert, and having seizures. They are then removed at a later date (average seems to be 4-5 days) with the hopes of gathering enough data to be able to remove the sections of the brain that are causing the seizure activity. Extraoperative EEG is usually used when surface EEG scans cannot pinpoint the seizure site, various scans show conflicting information, or when there are seizures from more than one area of the brain.
There are 3 types of electrodes used in Intracranial EEGs. There are strip electrodes, Grid electrodes, and depth electrodes. I know that he will have grid electrodes (one on each side), but I'm not 100% about which kind are going in the back. He will have 4 total.
The hope is that they will be able to collect enough data to be able to determine what the best next step is for Zac. That next step may be a surgery done at the same time that they remove these electrodes. Last I heard from my sister, it will take them about 9 hours to perform it. I could go on and on with the tiny details about it, but I don't care to. I trust that this is the best solution for Zac. I know that God doesn't make any mistakes and that Zac is hard at work on his testimony.
At this point it looks like they will be at the hospital for about 3 weeks, and then he will have a 3 month recovery time at home. Of course, if they decide to do another surgery when the electrodes are removed, then those time frames may change.
I will try my best to keep everyone posted on Zac's progress. I hope I was able to answer a few questions about the Intracranial EEG itself for some of you. Thank you all for keeping up with Zac and spreading the word. Please help us to lift him and his parents up in prayer. I know at times prayer has been all that has gotten them through.

Until next time.... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Monday, June 27, 2011


I wanted to share a note from my sister that she posted on Facebook today. It's one thing to have me tell everyone thanks, but it's different coming from her. I know that it is a heart felt thank you. I hope you enjoy reading it.
To my sister I want to say No thanks was needed. We all did this because we wanted to. I enjoyed it and have learned a lot through it. Keep your head up and keep pushing on. We may not understand why Zac is going through this, but there is a reason. I love you guys and will continue to "be in your corner".

Well, I've let a litte over a week pass since the benefit, in hopes with coming up with some wonderful, eloquent words to thank everybody, but for once in my life I'm at a loss for words. We have been so blessed, in awe of, & overwhelmed by the amount of support from everyone. It seemed fitting that my "thank you" should follow suit in that magnitude, but I just can't come up with anything more grandiloquent than a good 'ol, bottom of the heart THANK YOU! You may think it's cheesy, insincere, lazy, or whatever other synonym you want to come up with, but all I can tell you is, it is what it is....Thanks, thanksgiving, from the most unpretentious place in my heart. I type this with tears streaming down my face....and y'all know I don't let them roll often. We are humbled by your outpouring of love, care, and generosity. Thank you for loving. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for coming. Thank your for sacrificing a day for our family. The list goes on. Thank you!
I know that the "main event" is over, but this is just the beginning of yet another journey for our family. Our hopes and prayers are that Zac is made healthier by this surgery. However, it doesn't come without risks and new challenges. Please continue to lift us up in prayer. Although so grateful and indebted, no amount of money or number of benefits can replace the power of prayer. I firmly believe it has gotten us through each day of the last 4 years. We are able to cope and parent a special needs child because of prayer. There are books, articles, other people's advice, but it's the divine guidance from the Lord that we rely and depend on. We pray, but sometimes we get tired and weary and that's where the power of your prayer manifests. We're able to push through a difficult time because of you praying. You are our Aaron and Hur, thank you. (Exodus 17:12)
There are so many people and businesses we want to thank for making Seize a Cure for Zac Benefit such a special day for our family. For the event organizers, I'll start with my dear friend Alicia. This was her brainchild. Having the generous heart she has, she saw a need and reached out to our family. From there she reached out to other friends of ours and family to make this a multi-event benefit. Thank you to Karen for organizing the poker run, BBQ, and silent auction. When I list it out like that, it makes it seem like you didn't do much, but you were there, everyday, helping plan the ins and outs and sort out the details. Your passion and determination to help our family is truly amazing and I am proud to call you friend. To a young man that captured my heart and gave me another reason to love being an Ag teacher- building relationships.....Keegan. Thank you for loving me and my family and taking your passion for vehicles and using it as an avenue to help us. Organinzing such an event is an arduous task and you did a wonderful job! Thank you also for securing some big ticket items for auction. You're a talented young man and the future holds great things for you! Next, my sister in law, Angie. Officially, I have to thank you for organizing the 5K, but we're family so there's many other things we're grateful for in addition. Thank you for being an integral part of our day from the 5K to manning the bounceys! Most of all, I'd just like to say I'm proud to call you sister in law and I love you! Last, but certainly not least, my sister Courtney. You did so much to help make this day possible. Securing vendors, Facebook PR, the blog, and probably a whole lot more that I don't know about because you were always careful "not to bother or stress me with the details". Thank you for knowing how important it is to us that people are knowlegable about Epilepsy. I just want you to know I'm proud that you're my sister....and I think I have to best one in the world! Thank you for always being in our corner. I love you!!
Now for everyone else, I fear, no, I KNOW I will leave someone out, so I apologize in advance. Thank you for making June 18, 2011 a special day for Zac and our family: Sunnyside Grocery, Mac's Grill, The Garden Patch, Monkey Mac Boutique, Ransom Note Gifts, Jinger's Showcase, 5 Star Tire & Auto, Piggly Wiggly of Thomaston, Sidney Lee, Allied Amusements, Taylor-Foster Rentals, Phil Johnston, Downey's Trees, Teal's Recycling, Ideal Amusements Inc., Stockbridge Army-Navy Store, Due South Band, Triple Threat, Orignal Cover, UGA Athletics, Pike Depot, Xtreme Rider, Sugarland, R&D Music, Zac Brown Band, Chris Moss, Hunter Price, Premier Machine, Southern Luxury, Quad Graphics, Brad Fallin, & Julie and Danny Bishop. We appreciate how you've helped our family and are grateful for your support!
Check out the pics from the event on my page. Please continue to pray and stay in touch: FB at Seize a Cure for Zac and

Until next time.... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank You!

I wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone that helped with or came to Seize a Cure for Zac on Saturday. It was amazing! Zac seemed to have a great time. The Poker Run was a huge success as was the 5k. There were children running around having a great time playing games, riding the rides, jumping, eating, dancing, and of course enjoying the dunking booth.

To me that's what it's all about! All of the musicians and the dj did a great job. I had to leave at 4pm to get my 12 month old baby, but from what I have heard and seen, the car show had a great turn out and was a huge success as well. There is nothing more moving than community coming together to help each other.
It made me smile to see some of my sister's life long friends there to support her. To Becky, Alan, and her "bro" Bobby, you guys are the best! Friends like you are few and far in-between. We also had a few other "J-town" people come out. Thank you guys for making that drive.
Zac is blessed with a great support system from his family. I'm so glad that his "Pop" was able to be there.

I had a little project that I meant to bring and give to Zac on Saturday. But, in true Courtney fashion I left it at home. In my defense, Zac had been at my house last week and I hid my "project" in the attic. Why the attic? I couldn't put it in a closet or under a bed with Zac and D around. They spend most of their time in costumes playing in the oddest places. The attic seemed like the safest place. I will be mailing it to Zac today though and will post pics as soon as he gets it.
I've said it a thousand times and will once again.... To Keegan, Angie, Karen, and Alicia... thank you just isn't enough. Thank you for loving my nephew enough to take your time, energy, and money to make a difference in his life.
I will keep the Seize a Cure for Zac page up on Facebook for a while to keep everyone updated on his progress. I will continue the blog with the hope of spreading epilepsy awareness.
To Zac, I love you big bunches little buddy! God is doing big things with you. Be brave and keep smiling. :)

Until next time.... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's Fact Final Week

This is kind of a sad Friday's Fact and a happy one all at the same time. I may post more Friday's Facts as I discover more about epilepsy, but probably not every Friday like I have been. It's a happy week because tomorrow is Seize a Cure for Zac!!! There are so many people that have worked really hard on Seize a Cure for Zac. Alicia, Karen, Keegan, and Angie have all done more than I ever could have. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.
I think I'll do an overview today. I've tried to cover a lot on Friday's Fact without overwhelming myself and everyone else. Some of the information may have already been posted and if so, I apologize.
Here's a few epilepsy facts for you.
-Epilepsy is a neurological condition that from time to time produces disturbances in the normal electrical functions of the brain.
-Seizures are a symptom of Epilepsy
-Neurologists, pediatric neurologists, pediatricians, internists and family physicians all provide treatment for epilepsy.
-Epilepsy is NOT contagious.
-In about 7 out of 10 people with epilepsy, no cause can be found.
-The doctor's main tool in diagnosing epilepsy is medical history. Another main tool is an EEG. CT's or MRI's may be used to search for growths or scars. PET imaging is used to identify areas of the brain that are producing seizures.
-A person with epilepsy can help to control their seizures by taking medications as prescribed, regular sleep cycles, avoiding stress, and working with their doctor.
-Epilepsy may be treated with drugs, surgery, diet, or an implanted device refered to as VNS therapy.
Thanks again to everyone that has taken their time and money to help us find a cure for Zac. I want to thank everyone that has kept up with my little old blog. I can't help but think that Zac's illness has a purpose. Maybe my blog is a part of that. I feel like I don't do enough. I live in a different town with 3 children of my own and like everyone else, life gets crazy sometimes. To my sister, my brother in-law, and my nephew, I love you guys. I look forward to seeing everyone come together tomorrow in Zac's honor and hope it will be the start to finding a cure for him.
Until next time.... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I wanted to post a quick post. I have had the pleasure to spend the past few days with my nephew Zac. It's been a while since he's spent the night, much less more than one. Somehow they always "forget" his meds.. ;) Maybe they don't want me to "worry" with him in the night... idk. Reguardless, I got some long overdue "Zac time".
I am the type of woman that doesn't need much. No fancy house or car. No $50 makeup. No $400 purse. Just my family and good times. That is what I truely treasure. I have laughed so hard these past few days that my stomach hurts. Let's face it, my tummy could've used it anyway. Zac and my oldest child Dustin are only 8 months apart. They say that they are "brothas from anotha motha". And they truely are. They are two peas in a pod. I've had two batmen/hunters/whatever their imagination could drum up running around in both store bought and homemade costumes for days. Yes, Halloween is all year with these two. We've even figured out a way of making bedtime a fun time when Zac is here. We drag our matress and all the camping gear into the living room and "camp out". Works pretty good. I can keep an eye on him without him realizing it.
My middle child and Zac don't see "eye to eye" as well though. They are both type A people. But they even managed to get along @ Noah's Ark while D was at tutoring today.

I guess my point is that sometimes we all get so caught up in his illness that we forget what a treasure Zac is. It's those silly moments that epilepsy can't take away.
I look forward to many more memories with that crazy child. I hope you'll come out to Seize a Cure for Zac on June 18th in Thomaston for a day of food and fun to help us find a cure for Zac so he can have many more carefree years. As usual, I'll post Friday's Fact for y'all tom!!
Until next time... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I wanted to remind everyone that the benefit for my nephew Zac is this Saturday (18th). Hwy 19 North Thomaston GA. If you are new to the blog go to the bottom of this page and click on Older Posts. "Zac's Journey" is the first post. I want to thank Angie, Keegan, Alicia and Karen. You guys have worked your butts off! I really appreciate everything you have done for Zac and his family.
Please come out and join us for a day of music, food, and fun. There will be something for everyone. Car Show, Poker Run, 5k, live music, kid zone, aution, vendors, and more. We still have bracelets and shirts for sale. If you are unable to come on Saturday, you can donate via the paypal button on this blog or at any United Bank branch. Thanks again, and I hope to see many new and familiar faces at Seize a Cure for Zac!

Until next time, stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Monday, June 13, 2011


I am not usually one to post about every little thing that goes on, but this has bothered me. So.. I thought, what the heck. My two girls Chloe and Kate had a birthday party this weekend. Of course we had a house full of people, grill going, kids running around.... and right in the middle of it all Zac had a seizure. Not only did he have a seizure, but he had it right in front of everyone and 5 ft away from me and his mom. My sister and I were standing in my kitchen talking and he walked in. He walked right behind us to "get something to drink". We didn't hear him fall. Didn't see him fall. But, we heard the "smacking". We both turned and saw him at the same time. I've posted about learning the signs and triggers of someone with epilepsy. One pattern that Zac has is this "smacking" sound. As usual, my sister handled it well. She did everything by the book. But her feeling of "not doing enough" and the fact that it happened right behind us along with the sight of him lying helpless on the floor with so many people around got to her as it would any mother. Why am I posting this? you ask... Well, a few reasons.

First, just to say that this is their reality. I hate that they can't get in the car or go to a cookout or send Zac to take a shower or put him to bed or let him play outside without always having to be on their "P's and Q's".
Second, just to "officially" say to my sister You're doing a great job! Stop beating yourself up! We are proud of how you and Dewayne manage to somehow hold it together.
There are only a few more days until our Seize a Cure for Zac benefit on Hwy 19 North in Thomaston, GA on June 18th. Please come out for a day of music, food, and fun to help find a cure for my nephew. My hope is that one day they can come to a family function without having to worry about Zac's health.

Until next time... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 8

Sometimes when I start researching for Friday's Fact I come across so much information that it can be overwhelming. This was one of those weeks. I finally decided to give you some information on some local support groups and camps for people with seizures and epilepsy. The odds are very high that you know someone that has had a seizure. And my hope is, that this information can help just one person.
The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia works with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Camp Twin Lakes every year to provide summer camp programs for children with seizures. Camp Twin Lakes is near Winder,GA. It has recently gone through an extensive renovation. Go to for a calendar if you are interested. There is also Camp Carpe Diem. Camp Carpe Diem is a camp that is partnered with Children's Healthcare for children whose seizures are controlled by medication. Both camps are full for 2011, but you may register for the 2012 camp.
There are many support groups in Georgia. I'm going to list a few. If you or someone you know has epilepsy, these could be very helpful.

-Fayetteville First United Methodist
Claudia Woodruff, 404-527-7155
-Middle GA Epilepsy Support Group
Wesley Glin Ministry
4580 N. Mumford Rd.
Macon, GA 31210
2nd Thursday of month @7pm
-Children's Healthcare 6-21
3rd Thursday of month @6pm

I mainly wanted to make the public aware of these resources. I think programs like these are so important for children to realize that they are not alone. I hope this info has been helpful.
We only have ONE WEEK until Seize a Cure for Zac!! I hope you will come out for a day of fun with us! Thank you to everyone for all their hard work, prayers, thoughts, and helping to spread epilepsy awareness.
Until next time, stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 7

I'm a day late with Friday's Fact. I apologize. I guess three kids and life in general got in the way this week. Here goes.... this week's fact is.... There are about 300,000 American children living with epilepsy! For some it will be a temporary problem, easily controlled by medication, and outgrown. For others, it may be a lifelong challenge affecting many areas of their life. Children and parents face many challenges. Scholastic achievments can become more difficult and social issues can easily develop. As a parent of 3 myself, my heart breaks to know that there are this many children with epilepsy in America. The Epilepsy Foundation offers educational programs throughout the country to help educate parents, teachers, and caregivers. Some of them are "National Center for Project Access", and "Epilepsy and my Child" ( "Take Charge of the Facts" also offers seizure training for school personnel. I hope this information is helpful.
We only have 2 more weeks until our big Seize a Cure for Zac event in Thomaston, GA on June 18th! It's down to the wire, and I want to thank everyone that has helped. We'll have a car show, 5k, Poker Run, vendors, live music, food, kid zone, auction, and more. I hope you will come out for a day of fun and help us to find a cure for my nephew Zac. If you are new to the blog please go to the bottom of the page and click on older posts. You can then read Zac's Journey and read his story. Find us on Facebook, listen out for us on local Jackson, Griffin, and Thomaston radio, and check your local Henry, Spalding, Lamar, and Upson County papers.
Until next time.... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Since this post focused on children with epilepsy, I thought I'd post a picture of Zac doing what he does best... being a child and making us laugh. As stated in an earlier post, we believe laughter is the best medicine.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 6

Part of me can't believe that I've been doing this blog for 6 weeks! I kind of touched on this last week and thought It would be a good fact. Today I want to talk about triggers. The most common things that can trigger seizures. People seem to have this fear of other people that have epilepsy. And I think it's just that we aren't educated on it. The main thing that can cause them in most people that have been diagnosed and can control them with medcation is not taking their meds as prescribed. Routine is key. Other triggers can include ingested substances, hormone fluctuations, stress, sleep patterns, and photosensitivity.
Zac's friends and family have learned his triggers over the years. If you have someone in your life with epilepsy, learning their triggers can really help.
We've learned to limit tv time and video games with Zac. We've also learned that he may be more likely to have one if he is stressed or tired. The "if he's stressed or tired" part has been the hard one. He's a typical 9 yr old boy and loves to play. He gets tired just like every other child. I've seen the side effects of medication cause him to become stressed and cause his hormones to be like a roller coaster. It's a constant battle for him and his parents.
I hope that my little blog and quick "Friday's Fact" start the conversation. If it can just start the conversation then I will feel like I have made a difference. Our Seize a Cure for Zac benefit on Hwy 19 North in Thomaston on June 18th is quickly approaching! If you haven't done so, please find us on Facebook and like our page. We also have an event page. Listen out for info on local Griffin, Jackson, and Thomaston radio. We also have info in Henry Co, Griffin, Barnesville, and Thomaston newspapers. There will be something for everyone on the 18th. Live music, auction, raffle, food, vendors, car show, 5k, poker run, and a kid zone. We have bracelet and shirts for sale. Please comment here or on our facebook page if you would like one. Bracelets are $2 each and shirts are $10. Thanks for your time and support!
Until next time.... stay tuned, spread the word,and Count You Blessings Everyday!
"Not another moment lost to seizures"

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 5

Last week I gave you the basic facts for each type of seizure. This week I wanted to touch on some basic first aid. Considering that 1 in every 100 Georgians has some form of Epilepsy, there is a chance that you may encounter someone having a seizure within your lifetime.
-Keep Calm. Reassure others around you.
-Don't hold the person down or try to stop their movements.
-Time the seizure if possible.
-Turn him or her on their side. This will help to keep the airway clear.
-Stay with the person until the seizure ends naturally.
These are some very basic first aid steps. Depending on which type of seizure the person is having, the first aid may need to be more in depth.
As I was thinking about this week's fact I couldn't help but to think about Zac. Over time we have learned things that trigger his seizures. A routine has developed with our own first aid when Zac has a seizure. I could tell you that it gets easier over time, but that would be a lie. I am probably the worst out of everyone in our family about getting emotional when he has one, but I am working on that. My 9 yr old son that is only 8 months younger than Zac does a great job taking care of him when he needs it. We've learned to watch him at bedtime, when it's been a busy day, and to keep an eye out for the unexpected. I've watched my sister over the years. She is like a well oiled machine. It's like I can see it running through her head... "Need to do this, ok. Now this, ok. Next this." What I speak of are just events while Zac was at my house, or spending the night, ect. The real story is the great job that his parents do with his first aid care on a daily basis. They are so calm. Maybe I'll get there one day. I hope that these first aid tips will help you should you ever encounter someone having a seizure and in need of assistance.
We only have a few weeks until our Seize a Cure for Zac benefit. I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say that we're all getting very excited! It will be on Hwy 19 North in Thomaston, GA on June 18th. We will have a car show, poker run, 5k, auction, live music, kid zone, food, and more. You may also donate to the Benefit for Zac Shumate at any United Bank branch. The blog also has a paypal donate button to make donating easy. If you haven't done so, find us on Facebook and like our page so you can keep up. We also have bracelets for sale. I hope to see many new faces on June 18th! Until nextime... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Thursday, May 19, 2011


If you're new to the blog, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Older Posts". It will take you to earlier posts such as "Zac's Journey" that will tell you his story. Thanks!
"Not Another Moment Lost to Seizures"

-Zac's Aunt Court

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that we now have more Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets. Info is on the picture. BBQ plates are available for $6 each and are to be picked up at the benefit in Thomaston on June 18th. I want to thank everyone for their support. Contact Alicia for BBQ plates. All contact info for eveyone involved in planning Seize a Cure for Zac is on multiple post on the blog. Also, find us on Facebook, like us, and post pictures of you wearing your Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets. Be creative! Listen out for us on local Jackson, Thomaston, and Griffin radio stations. Look for us in the Tomaston Times and Upson Beacon newspapers. I'll post Friday's Fact on Friday as usual. Thanks again! Until next time.... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 4

I wanted to talk about the different types of seizures today and get some general info out there. People may experience one or more than one type of seizure. First, there are generalized seizures that affect both sides of the brain from the beginning of the seizure. They produce loss of consciousness, either briefly or for a long period of time. There are partial (simple and complex) seizures. Partial seizures are limited to one side of the brain. They are sub-catigorized into simple partial seizures (consciousness is retained)and complex partial seizures (consciousness is impaired or lost). Partial Seizures may spread to cause generalized seizures. Next are nonepileptic seizures. These are behavioral events that resemble epileptic seizures, but are not caused by electrical disturbances. And last we have status epilepticus. If seizures are prolonged or occur in a series, there is an increase risk of status epilepticus. The term literally means a continuous state of seizure.
My nephew Zac has been diagnosed with pharmacoresistant complex partial seizures. I hope you were able to learn a little this week. It's my sister's hope to spread epilepsy awareness. Friday's Fact is just my way of trying to honor that. If you haven't done so, please find Seize a Cure for Zac on Facebook and like our page and follow the blog so you can keep up with the weekly facts and the latest news about the Seize a Cure for Zac
benefit on June 18th in Thomaston GA.
Until next time... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 3

Back again with Friday's Fact! This is really the most exciting thing about this blog to me. My brain has been spinning about what I should post this week. It's Mother's Day week and that alone has put had me thinking about a lot of things. I know some really great mothers. Mother's with healthy children, sick children, and even some who have lost their children. But my sister has to be one of the best. I admire her ability to not let epilepsy define who her child is and who she is as a mother. She has watched her child suffer, his moods and personality change, had to change the way they do everything in their everyday lives, shuffled him to Dr's and hospitals.... I could go on and on... Yet, she seems to take it all in stride. I have 3 beautiful healthy children and sometimes I get overwhelmed. I can't imagine having one with an illness. To my sister on this Mother's Day week, I am so proud of you for your courage and ability to adapt to whatever is thrown your way. I love you big bunches!! Thanks for being you and still bringing laughter into the world no matter what the situation.
OK.... (now that the love fest is over) I'll get to today's fact. I thought about a pregnancy fact but decided I'd go with the basics. We'll work our way up. I've given you a Georgia statistic, and informed you that lavender is the color for Epilepsy Awareness. But like me when Zac was finally diagnose after what seemed like forever with no answer, you may be thinking "What is epilepsy?" Well, Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally. Neurons normally generate impulses that act on other neurons, glands, and muscles to produce human thoughts, feelings, and actions. In epilepsy the normal pattern of neuronal activity becomes disturbed, causing strange sensations, emotions, and behavior or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms and loss on consciousness. During a seizure, neurons may fire as many as 500 times a second, much faster than normal. It is usually only considered epilepsy is a person has had 2 or more seizures. In some people this may only happen occasionally, while for others it may happen up to hundreds of times a day.
I hope you are able to learn just a little every Friday. Please help us to spread Epilepsy Awareness and find a cure for my nephew Zac. As stated in previous posts, we are having a benefit for him in Thomaston GA on June 18th. All contact info for everyone helping with Seize a Cure for Zac will be at the bottom of this post. You may also make a donation here by clicking on our Paypal donate button, or at any United Bank branch under the Benefit for Zac Shumate fund. Feel free to find Seize a Cure for Zac on Facebook and like our page, find our event page and check it out, and follow the blog. You may also check out my earlier posts and read bout the bracelets we have for sale, what that money will be used for, and how to get one. Thanks for your time and to all those that have been so eager to help. Until next time.... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Karen @ 770-550-7093
Alicia @ 404-831-8415
Angie @ 706-741-0477
Keegan @ 706-741-0137
Courtney @ 770-366-9051

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 2

As promised, I'm back with Friday's Fact! I had a few facts that I thought of posting this week. But I decided on a more "light hearted" fact. The reason I chose this one is simply that I was asked about it all week. The fact for this week is..... Epilepsy Awareness color is LAVENDER!! Seize a Cure for Zac has had Epilepey Awareness/Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets for sale for a week now and I have had many people ask me why they were purple. Most people are familiar with other diseases like cancer and recognize Relay for Life merchandise. I would love to spread Epilepsy Awareness to the point that people recognize that light purple/lavender as Epilepsy Awareness.
I also wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know just what the profits from these bracelets would be used for. As stated in earlier posts, Zac has been going regularly to The Medical College of Georgia's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Augusta for over a year to be a part of their surgery study. He has had 3 EEGs and will be going back late this summer for his Intracranial EEG. When these patients are being monitored they can only move a very short distance away from their room. As you can imagine, a child can get very stir crazy in a short amount of time. Seize a Cure for Zac will be using the profits from bracelet sales to purchase new games, books, and video game systems for these patients. These materials are desperatly needed. Help us to bring some joy to these patients and make their stay a little easier. I want to thank everyone that has purchased bracelets, offered to help in any way they can, and helped me to spread the word for our June 18th benefit for Zac in Thomaston. The response has been overwhelming.
Please find us on Facebook if you haven't done so, "like" our page and follow this blog. I have attached a photo of our Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets. They are $2 each for pick up and $3 each if mailing in an order to 40 Edgewood Ave. Thomaston, GA 30286. If you are in Jackson, get with me, Courtney Moore to purchase bracelets. If you're in Thomaston, Alicia, Karen, Angie and Keegan will be glad to assist you. All contact information for everyone helping with Seize a Cure for Zac will be at the bottom of this post. Be on the look out for our lavender Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets!! Until next time... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Courtney @ 770-366-9051
Keegan @ 706-741-0137
Angie @ 706-741-0477
Karen @ 770-550-7093
Alicia @ 404-831-8415

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets are here. They are lavender for Epilepsy Awareness. All bracelet proceeds will be going towards new games, books, and a new video game system for the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at the Medical College of Georgia. Zac has spent a lot of time there over the last year and will be having his Intracranial EEG Monitoring there this summer. Bracelets are $2 for pick up or $3 if you would like them to be mailed. Please make checks payable to Benefit for Zac Shumate. All information is also included on the picture at the top of this post. You can find us on Facebook to place an order or feel free to contact anyone listed at the bottom of this post. Thank you all for your support! Until next time... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Keegan @ 706-741-0137
Angie @706-741-0477
Karen @ 770-550-7093
Alicia @ 404-831-8415
Courtney @ 770-366-9051

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday's Fact

As promised, I have FRIDAY'S FACT for you. This is a Georgia statistic and it is mindblowing. 1 in every 100 Georgians has epilepsy. Just think about it for a minute. That's 2-10 people at your church service this Sunday, 300 people at the Varsity eating chilidogs on any given day, 5000 people in Savannah for the St. Patric's Day celebrations, 2 people on a marta train at any given time, 928 people in Sanford Stadium in Athens on a football Saturday, and most important.... someone you know. Please go to for more info. I hope this will start the conversation. "Not Another Moment Lost to Seizures".
I'll leave contact info for Seize a Cure for Zac at the bottom of the post along with a little humor. In our family we believe that laughter is the best medicine.

As always, spread the word, stay tuned, and Count Your Blessings Everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Car Show: Keegan @ 706-741-0137
5k: Angie @ 706-741-0477
Poker Run: Karen @ 770-550-7093
For General Information Call Alicia @ 404-831-8415

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update on Benefit

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on Seize a Cure for Zac. First, I want to say a huge "Thank You" to a few people. Alicia, Karen, Keegan, and Angie have all been working really hard on organizing the event in Thomaston. Zac and his family are very blessed to have such great friends.
The event date is June 18, 2011 @ 1063 Hwy 19 North Thomaston, GA 30286. If it should rain then it will be the following weekend. There will be a Poker Run, 5k, Car Show, auction, live music, food, vendors, and a kid zone with many activites to keep the children entertained. Be on the look out for flyers,newspaper ads,and much more! I will also be adding "Friday's Fact" to our Facebook Page "Sieze a Cure for Zac". I hope to spread Epilepsy awareness by posting a fact or statistic on our Facebook page every Friday! Make sure to "like" the page so that you can keep up!
The response and support has been overwhelming. The number of people that are working hard everyday to bring this together is mind blowing to me. Thank you all for the kind words, advice,time, hard work, thoughts and prayers. They are all appreciated.
I will leave you with contact information for each event at the bottom of the page. Donations can also be made through the paypal "donate" button on this page or at any United Bank branch in the Benefit for Zac Shumate Fund. Spread the word, stay tuned, and until next time... Count Your Blessings Everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Car Show: Keegan @ 706-741-0137
5k: Angie @ 706-741-0477
Poker Run: Karen @ 770-550-7093
For all other attractions and general information call Alicia @ 404-831-8415

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zac's Journey

My name is Courtney Moore. I'm Zac's aunt. The purpose of this blog is to spread the word about my 9 year old nephew Zac's illness and Sieze a Cure for Zac which is a benefit that is scheduled for June 18th,2011 in his hometown of Thomaston, GA.
3 1/2 years ago while on the phone with my sister, one of the most horrible things happened. She was driving home, and said, "I have to go. Zac's having a seizure". From those words I waited for the longest 20 minutes of my life. I sat with my husband Amos, and at the time, my two children hoping for the best and fearing the worst. That first seizure led to a 2 week stay in ICU, and was the begining of Zac's journey with this illness.
They went 3 years with NO answers. Three years of hospitals, doctors,and seizures... with no answers. He went through EVERY medication approved for his age with little success. He was regularly having seizures. Zac was eventually referred to a neurosurgeon. He was entered into a surgery candidacy study. After 8 months of tests and monitoring Zac was officially diagnose with... Pharmacoresistant complex partial seizures non-operable. In plain english he had seizures from both parts of his brain, not involving his whole brain, that can't be completly controlled by medication that they felt were in-operable. Whew!
So, at that point they were stuck. As time went on his seizure activity increased and he started to develop new symptoms. A few months later they were back in Augusta for a 3rd video EEG study with hopes that they could determine which side of his brain had the most seizure activity. The good news was that 2 of the 3 video EEG's showed that the left side had more activity. The problem was that his speech could be affected if they decided to opperate. What was next? More tests of course. He had an MRI in Feb of this year with hopes that it would pinpoint his speech center, but it was inconclusive. His parents were expecting to undergo more minimally invasive procedures if the MRI didn't give them any answers, but that was not the case. Given many factors including his age and test results, the doctors suggested Intracranial EEG monitoring. Yep, actually putting electrodes on his brain to try and pinpoint seizure activity to be able to do surgery. The crazy thing is that this is a surgery in itself. The good news is that if they can pinpoint things then they can operate when the leads are removed. His parents have thought and prayed very hard about this procedure and decided that it is the best option for Zac. It will come with many sacrafices and risks. A long 1-3 week hospital stay 3 hours away from home followed by a possible 3 month post-op recovery. There are no guarantees. Memory and his peripheral vision could be affected. As of right now the procedure is going to be late summer of this year.
I can't tell you how much I admire my sister Casey, her husband DeWayne, and Zac Man for their courage. Their everyday lives have been turned upside down. My sister will be homeschooling Zac after this year, and they will go from two incomes to one. As a mother of three myself, it is everyday peace of mind that I hope to give back to them. There will be a benefit for Zac on June 18, 2011 in Thomaston, GA. As of right now, there will be a poker run, bike ride, 5k, auction, live music, kid zone with many activities for the children, BBQ plates for sale, vendors, and much more. I will be posting much more information about the benefit "Seize a cure for Zac" in the coming weeks. In the mean time, feel free to donate to "Benefit for Zac Shumate" at any United Bank branch. Help me find a cure for my nephew. Spread the word, stay tuned, and until nextime.... Count Your Blessings.

-Zac's Aunt Court