Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank You!

I wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone that helped with or came to Seize a Cure for Zac on Saturday. It was amazing! Zac seemed to have a great time. The Poker Run was a huge success as was the 5k. There were children running around having a great time playing games, riding the rides, jumping, eating, dancing, and of course enjoying the dunking booth.

To me that's what it's all about! All of the musicians and the dj did a great job. I had to leave at 4pm to get my 12 month old baby, but from what I have heard and seen, the car show had a great turn out and was a huge success as well. There is nothing more moving than community coming together to help each other.
It made me smile to see some of my sister's life long friends there to support her. To Becky, Alan, and her "bro" Bobby, you guys are the best! Friends like you are few and far in-between. We also had a few other "J-town" people come out. Thank you guys for making that drive.
Zac is blessed with a great support system from his family. I'm so glad that his "Pop" was able to be there.

I had a little project that I meant to bring and give to Zac on Saturday. But, in true Courtney fashion I left it at home. In my defense, Zac had been at my house last week and I hid my "project" in the attic. Why the attic? I couldn't put it in a closet or under a bed with Zac and D around. They spend most of their time in costumes playing in the oddest places. The attic seemed like the safest place. I will be mailing it to Zac today though and will post pics as soon as he gets it.
I've said it a thousand times and will once again.... To Keegan, Angie, Karen, and Alicia... thank you just isn't enough. Thank you for loving my nephew enough to take your time, energy, and money to make a difference in his life.
I will keep the Seize a Cure for Zac page up on Facebook for a while to keep everyone updated on his progress. I will continue the blog with the hope of spreading epilepsy awareness.
To Zac, I love you big bunches little buddy! God is doing big things with you. Be brave and keep smiling. :)

Until next time.... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

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