Monday, June 13, 2011


I am not usually one to post about every little thing that goes on, but this has bothered me. So.. I thought, what the heck. My two girls Chloe and Kate had a birthday party this weekend. Of course we had a house full of people, grill going, kids running around.... and right in the middle of it all Zac had a seizure. Not only did he have a seizure, but he had it right in front of everyone and 5 ft away from me and his mom. My sister and I were standing in my kitchen talking and he walked in. He walked right behind us to "get something to drink". We didn't hear him fall. Didn't see him fall. But, we heard the "smacking". We both turned and saw him at the same time. I've posted about learning the signs and triggers of someone with epilepsy. One pattern that Zac has is this "smacking" sound. As usual, my sister handled it well. She did everything by the book. But her feeling of "not doing enough" and the fact that it happened right behind us along with the sight of him lying helpless on the floor with so many people around got to her as it would any mother. Why am I posting this? you ask... Well, a few reasons.

First, just to say that this is their reality. I hate that they can't get in the car or go to a cookout or send Zac to take a shower or put him to bed or let him play outside without always having to be on their "P's and Q's".
Second, just to "officially" say to my sister You're doing a great job! Stop beating yourself up! We are proud of how you and Dewayne manage to somehow hold it together.
There are only a few more days until our Seize a Cure for Zac benefit on Hwy 19 North in Thomaston, GA on June 18th. Please come out for a day of music, food, and fun to help find a cure for my nephew. My hope is that one day they can come to a family function without having to worry about Zac's health.

Until next time... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

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