Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 4

I wanted to talk about the different types of seizures today and get some general info out there. People may experience one or more than one type of seizure. First, there are generalized seizures that affect both sides of the brain from the beginning of the seizure. They produce loss of consciousness, either briefly or for a long period of time. There are partial (simple and complex) seizures. Partial seizures are limited to one side of the brain. They are sub-catigorized into simple partial seizures (consciousness is retained)and complex partial seizures (consciousness is impaired or lost). Partial Seizures may spread to cause generalized seizures. Next are nonepileptic seizures. These are behavioral events that resemble epileptic seizures, but are not caused by electrical disturbances. And last we have status epilepticus. If seizures are prolonged or occur in a series, there is an increase risk of status epilepticus. The term literally means a continuous state of seizure.
My nephew Zac has been diagnosed with pharmacoresistant complex partial seizures. I hope you were able to learn a little this week. It's my sister's hope to spread epilepsy awareness. Friday's Fact is just my way of trying to honor that. If you haven't done so, please find Seize a Cure for Zac on Facebook and like our page and follow the blog so you can keep up with the weekly facts and the latest news about the Seize a Cure for Zac
benefit on June 18th in Thomaston GA.
Until next time... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

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