Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Big Day is Here!

It's with red swollen eyes that I type this entry today. But not out of worry or fear. These tears come from pure love and joy. Zac will be having his Intracranial EEG here in about an hour. The number of people that have come together for him and have been praying for him is amazing.
How am I not scared to death for him, you ask? How am I not a worry wart? The answer is easy. I've researched, taken notes, and typed about epilepsy until midnight many times with the hopes that it would make me a better aunt, help me be able to help more, and to spread epilepsy awareness. But I, like Zac and his parents, have had to lay it all down. This is bigger than any of us and I truely believe that there is only one that can handle this. There will be no spirit of fear welcome today. Only hope, love, peace, clarity, and joy. Please join us in lifting Zac up. Thank you all for taking the time to care, help, and pray. This is the next step in Zac's journey.
I will update everyone asap. Thank you all again for everything! I know it means the world Casey, Dewayne, and Zac.
Until next time, spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court


  1. Amen, sister Courtney! Well said. Prayers for all of them going up from Alabama today!