Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 6

Part of me can't believe that I've been doing this blog for 6 weeks! I kind of touched on this last week and thought It would be a good fact. Today I want to talk about triggers. The most common things that can trigger seizures. People seem to have this fear of other people that have epilepsy. And I think it's just that we aren't educated on it. The main thing that can cause them in most people that have been diagnosed and can control them with medcation is not taking their meds as prescribed. Routine is key. Other triggers can include ingested substances, hormone fluctuations, stress, sleep patterns, and photosensitivity.
Zac's friends and family have learned his triggers over the years. If you have someone in your life with epilepsy, learning their triggers can really help.
We've learned to limit tv time and video games with Zac. We've also learned that he may be more likely to have one if he is stressed or tired. The "if he's stressed or tired" part has been the hard one. He's a typical 9 yr old boy and loves to play. He gets tired just like every other child. I've seen the side effects of medication cause him to become stressed and cause his hormones to be like a roller coaster. It's a constant battle for him and his parents.
I hope that my little blog and quick "Friday's Fact" start the conversation. If it can just start the conversation then I will feel like I have made a difference. Our Seize a Cure for Zac benefit on Hwy 19 North in Thomaston on June 18th is quickly approaching! If you haven't done so, please find us on Facebook and like our page. We also have an event page. Listen out for info on local Griffin, Jackson, and Thomaston radio. We also have info in Henry Co, Griffin, Barnesville, and Thomaston newspapers. There will be something for everyone on the 18th. Live music, auction, raffle, food, vendors, car show, 5k, poker run, and a kid zone. We have bracelet and shirts for sale. Please comment here or on our facebook page if you would like one. Bracelets are $2 each and shirts are $10. Thanks for your time and support!
Until next time.... stay tuned, spread the word,and Count You Blessings Everyday!
"Not another moment lost to seizures"

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 5

Last week I gave you the basic facts for each type of seizure. This week I wanted to touch on some basic first aid. Considering that 1 in every 100 Georgians has some form of Epilepsy, there is a chance that you may encounter someone having a seizure within your lifetime.
-Keep Calm. Reassure others around you.
-Don't hold the person down or try to stop their movements.
-Time the seizure if possible.
-Turn him or her on their side. This will help to keep the airway clear.
-Stay with the person until the seizure ends naturally.
These are some very basic first aid steps. Depending on which type of seizure the person is having, the first aid may need to be more in depth.
As I was thinking about this week's fact I couldn't help but to think about Zac. Over time we have learned things that trigger his seizures. A routine has developed with our own first aid when Zac has a seizure. I could tell you that it gets easier over time, but that would be a lie. I am probably the worst out of everyone in our family about getting emotional when he has one, but I am working on that. My 9 yr old son that is only 8 months younger than Zac does a great job taking care of him when he needs it. We've learned to watch him at bedtime, when it's been a busy day, and to keep an eye out for the unexpected. I've watched my sister over the years. She is like a well oiled machine. It's like I can see it running through her head... "Need to do this, ok. Now this, ok. Next this." What I speak of are just events while Zac was at my house, or spending the night, ect. The real story is the great job that his parents do with his first aid care on a daily basis. They are so calm. Maybe I'll get there one day. I hope that these first aid tips will help you should you ever encounter someone having a seizure and in need of assistance.
We only have a few weeks until our Seize a Cure for Zac benefit. I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say that we're all getting very excited! It will be on Hwy 19 North in Thomaston, GA on June 18th. We will have a car show, poker run, 5k, auction, live music, kid zone, food, and more. You may also donate to the Benefit for Zac Shumate at any United Bank branch. The blog also has a paypal donate button to make donating easy. If you haven't done so, find us on Facebook and like our page so you can keep up. We also have bracelets for sale. I hope to see many new faces on June 18th! Until nextime... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday.

-Zac's Aunt Court

Thursday, May 19, 2011


If you're new to the blog, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Older Posts". It will take you to earlier posts such as "Zac's Journey" that will tell you his story. Thanks!
"Not Another Moment Lost to Seizures"

-Zac's Aunt Court

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that we now have more Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets. Info is on the picture. BBQ plates are available for $6 each and are to be picked up at the benefit in Thomaston on June 18th. I want to thank everyone for their support. Contact Alicia for BBQ plates. All contact info for eveyone involved in planning Seize a Cure for Zac is on multiple post on the blog. Also, find us on Facebook, like us, and post pictures of you wearing your Seize a Cure for Zac bracelets. Be creative! Listen out for us on local Jackson, Thomaston, and Griffin radio stations. Look for us in the Tomaston Times and Upson Beacon newspapers. I'll post Friday's Fact on Friday as usual. Thanks again! Until next time.... spread the word, stay tuned, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 4

I wanted to talk about the different types of seizures today and get some general info out there. People may experience one or more than one type of seizure. First, there are generalized seizures that affect both sides of the brain from the beginning of the seizure. They produce loss of consciousness, either briefly or for a long period of time. There are partial (simple and complex) seizures. Partial seizures are limited to one side of the brain. They are sub-catigorized into simple partial seizures (consciousness is retained)and complex partial seizures (consciousness is impaired or lost). Partial Seizures may spread to cause generalized seizures. Next are nonepileptic seizures. These are behavioral events that resemble epileptic seizures, but are not caused by electrical disturbances. And last we have status epilepticus. If seizures are prolonged or occur in a series, there is an increase risk of status epilepticus. The term literally means a continuous state of seizure.
My nephew Zac has been diagnosed with pharmacoresistant complex partial seizures. I hope you were able to learn a little this week. It's my sister's hope to spread epilepsy awareness. Friday's Fact is just my way of trying to honor that. If you haven't done so, please find Seize a Cure for Zac on Facebook and like our page and follow the blog so you can keep up with the weekly facts and the latest news about the Seize a Cure for Zac
benefit on June 18th in Thomaston GA.
Until next time... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Fact Week 3

Back again with Friday's Fact! This is really the most exciting thing about this blog to me. My brain has been spinning about what I should post this week. It's Mother's Day week and that alone has put had me thinking about a lot of things. I know some really great mothers. Mother's with healthy children, sick children, and even some who have lost their children. But my sister has to be one of the best. I admire her ability to not let epilepsy define who her child is and who she is as a mother. She has watched her child suffer, his moods and personality change, had to change the way they do everything in their everyday lives, shuffled him to Dr's and hospitals.... I could go on and on... Yet, she seems to take it all in stride. I have 3 beautiful healthy children and sometimes I get overwhelmed. I can't imagine having one with an illness. To my sister on this Mother's Day week, I am so proud of you for your courage and ability to adapt to whatever is thrown your way. I love you big bunches!! Thanks for being you and still bringing laughter into the world no matter what the situation.
OK.... (now that the love fest is over) I'll get to today's fact. I thought about a pregnancy fact but decided I'd go with the basics. We'll work our way up. I've given you a Georgia statistic, and informed you that lavender is the color for Epilepsy Awareness. But like me when Zac was finally diagnose after what seemed like forever with no answer, you may be thinking "What is epilepsy?" Well, Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally. Neurons normally generate impulses that act on other neurons, glands, and muscles to produce human thoughts, feelings, and actions. In epilepsy the normal pattern of neuronal activity becomes disturbed, causing strange sensations, emotions, and behavior or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms and loss on consciousness. During a seizure, neurons may fire as many as 500 times a second, much faster than normal. It is usually only considered epilepsy is a person has had 2 or more seizures. In some people this may only happen occasionally, while for others it may happen up to hundreds of times a day.
I hope you are able to learn just a little every Friday. Please help us to spread Epilepsy Awareness and find a cure for my nephew Zac. As stated in previous posts, we are having a benefit for him in Thomaston GA on June 18th. All contact info for everyone helping with Seize a Cure for Zac will be at the bottom of this post. You may also make a donation here by clicking on our Paypal donate button, or at any United Bank branch under the Benefit for Zac Shumate fund. Feel free to find Seize a Cure for Zac on Facebook and like our page, find our event page and check it out, and follow the blog. You may also check out my earlier posts and read bout the bracelets we have for sale, what that money will be used for, and how to get one. Thanks for your time and to all those that have been so eager to help. Until next time.... stay tuned, spread the word, and count your blessings everyday!

-Zac's Aunt Court

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